My Lead Gen Secret Review – Any Good for Lead Generation?

Full Article Here: My Lead Gen Secret Review – Any Good for Lead Generation?

Looking to get more leads for your online business? Traffic is the lifeline of any internet-based business, and without people knowing what you have in store for them, you won't taste much success. In this My Lead Gen Secret review, we explore the popular platform for lead generation and share everything you need to know before you get started. You'll soon find out whether or not it's a good fit for you. There are many ways to get leads for your business opportunities/offers. There are paid options like solo ads for which you can use lead gen websites like Udimi or you can use platforms like YouTube for acquiring free traffic. table of contents 1What Is My Lead Gen SecretHow MyLeadGenSecret Works2My Lead Gen Secret Review - Pricing3My Lead Gen Secret Review - Pros & ConsProsCons4My Lead Gen Secret - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)5My Lead Gen Secret Review - Final Words

What Is My Lead Gen Secret

My Lead Gen Secret, also known as MyLeadGenSecret is a platform created by Jim Harmon that not only gets you 100 leads daily, but also a proper mailing system that you can use to send email to these prospects. My Lead Gen Secret Review My Lead Gen Secret login dashboard With the platform, you'll have to opt for a monthly subscription that gets you 100 leads daily for 30 days. If you promote it as an affiliate, you'll receive 100 bonus leads daily for every new person you refer. Once you've received the leads, you can download them in a .CSV file from the My Leads tab or use the built-in mailing system. It's not needed to promote the system to get leads. You can simply send emails to the 100 leads you receive daily and get more sales in your business. These leads are high-quality and with the mailing software built in, you'll save a lot of money in the long run since there are no additional expenses.

How MyLeadGenSecret Works

Once you've subscribed to a monthly membership, you'll receive 100 leads every day for the next 30 day, so that's 3,000 new leads/emails a month. My Lead Gen Secret Reviews Get new leads every day You can either download these leads and add to your own email marketing system/autoresponder or use the one that's built into MLGS. MyLeadGenSecret system offers flexibility and you're free to do what you fancy. The program has an added MLM aspect to it, and if you're good with building teams, you can receive 100 bonus leads for every new referral that you introduce to the system through your unique referral link. The leads that the platform offers are good quality, and this is apparent in the open rates with the emails you sent out. Anything that's better than 10% using the inbuilt self-hosted mailer speaks highly of the traffic's quality.

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My Lead Gen Secret Review - Pricing

The system has a lot to offer and it's very competitively priced. You'll get 100 leads for 30 days for $1 a day. With the quality they offer, you can possibly break even in a day or two, and then it's pure profit from that point. My Lead Gen Secret Login My Lead Gen Secret review - Master email swipes Unlike solo ads, Jim Harmon's platform doesn't ask for hundreds of dollars for a 100-200 click solo ad. You're instead offered quality subscribers/prospects for pennies, and these are targeted as well. There's also an optional upgrade offer that will get you 30 master email swipes. These swipes can be used to promote any product, and these are very effective as well. According to Jim, he has personally produced them and have spent thousands of dollars over the years in rigorous testing. If you've never delved into email marketing, you don't have to with Jim's experience and 24/7 support by your side. If you've found any My Lead Gen Secret reviews that openly criticize the program without much proof, those are most likely competitors, and as a result they say you should stay away from My Lead Gen Secret scam.

My Lead Gen Secret Review - Pros & Cons

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of this lead gen system.


  1. You get 100 leads a day for like $1 a day which is very inexpensive.
  2. These leads are high quality, and you'd otherwise pay hundreds of dollars monthly for comparable quality.
  3. The mailer system is surprisingly beginner-friendly and effective at sending emails (has a good inboxing).
  4. For every new person you refer/introduce to the platform, you get 100 bonus leads daily. If you're just starting out, you'll be at 100 leads a day. Get 2 people into the system, and your daily count will touch 300.
  5. With Jim Harmon's master swipes, you don't have to reinvent the wheel or even learn email marketing. Just use his proven to convert emails, adjust if needed and send out. All you have to do is copy his emails, insert your link that you want to promote and you're ready to roll.
  6. If you're good with multi-level marketing, you can make a killing with the system even if you don't want to promote your own business with it. The MLGS compensation plan is very attractive.

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  1. The mailing system is very capable, but the reporting is limited. Unlike most autoresponder systems, there's not much information on email statistics apart from open rates and clickthrough rates (CTR).

My Lead Gen Secret - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This My Lead Gen Secret review will be incomplete without addressing the most frequently asked questions. Let's have a quick look, these aim to answer most of the questions that you may have. Q. What is going on with My Lead Gen Secret? A. It's a lead generation system that gets you 100 leads daily for 30 days. You can export these leads and add to your own autoresponder or use the inbuilt mailing platform to connect with these prospects. Q. How much does My Lead Gen Secret cost? A. It costs $30 a month that comes down to $1 a day for 100 high quality prospects that may do business with you. Although optional, there's also a one-time Master Swipes upgrade that you'll find after your account is created. This upgrade will get you lifetime access to 30 proven emails that the program founder Jim Harmon has personally written. These 'master swipes' can be used to promote almost any product, hence the name master swipes. Q. How do I log into My Lead Gen Secret system? A. Simple, create your account here, and you'll get a login link through email. You'll receive a how-to guide that will help you with the onboarding process. If you get stuck at any stage, feel free to contact support, and someone from their highly responsive team will get back to you within 12 hours. Q. How good are MyLeadGenSecret leads? A. Just as good as most paid traffic sources, and these are sometimes even better than expensive solo ads that you may buy from Udimi or other platforms. At $1 a day, it's simply a no-brainer. Most solo ads cost in an excess of $50 dollars for 100 clicks, and these hardly get you 30-40 new leads/prospects. Q. How to promote your business with MyLeadGenSecret? A. Once you've logged into your My Lead Gen Secret account, head over to the 'Mailing System' tab if you want to use the built-in mailer and write a promotional email that you want to send out to promote your business. MyLeadGenSecret My Lead Gen Secret - Inbuilt mailing system If not, just download your new leads from the 'My Leads' tab, and import to your personal autoresponder account. Once you have the emails imported/added, just write a promotional broadcast and you're ready to go!

My Lead Gen Secret Review - Final Words

That brings us to the conclusion of this My Lead Gen Secret review. My Lead Gen Secret is surely among one of the best (and the least expensive) systems for getting more leads online for pennies. My Lead Gen Secret Scam To get comparable quality leads, you'd otherwise pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. It's a legit platform, that not only gets you new email addresses and other information everyday, but also a proper mailer that you can use to send as many emails as you want. This mailer is surprisingly effective at sending emails and has a very good inboxing rate - add cherry on top! You simply can't go wrong with My Lead Gen Secret.

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